Monday, September 14, 2015

I've been busy!

Guess where I've been! Too busy to stitch, that's for sure. I'm back home as of today though, and I've already picked up World Travel.

For two weeks in August...

And then the last three weeks....

In other news, in 8 days I'm having surgery to reconstruct my ankle ligaments (by adding a new tendon to support them, since they're trashed) and shave down a bone spur. This will obviously put a damper on the stitching, as HAEDs and narcotics are a bad combination. I do, however, have a needlepoint "kit" that I put together a year ago in anticipation of this surgery. I think following the colors already printed could be manageable when my fingers start to itch for needle and thread, which happens pretty much as soon as my eyes start focusing again.

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