Sunday, July 26, 2015

World Traveler page 20

Wow, just got back from a weekend in NYC and boy am I stiff. It's head to toe, despite the very nice massage I got in the middle of it.

I hung out with a very dear friend who just moved to NYC a month ago. We saw the new movie, Mr. Holmes (so good, omg Ian McKellan) and ate at a fantastic Columbian place that had plantains to die for, stuffed with chicken and in a chipotle tomato sauce. Almost the entire menu was GF!

I brought Tree of Life with me, and while I basically collapsed from exhaustion each night, I did, however, manage to tuck in all the threads leftover from finishing the page and grid the next section. The plan is to start working on the next page (first full page).

Just before I left for my weekend I finished the second page (page 20) of World Travel. So I have a pic to share!


  1. Wow, that looks amazing! Isn't it hard stitching on that red fabric though?

  2. So glad you delurked. :) Your stitching is impeccable as always! <3